Our aim is to make quality, authentic craft wines with more “handmade” work and process control and less mechanized and technological intervention. As winecrafters we try to reveal the character and richness of the local terroir, which has Belitsa and which makes it one of the most unique micro-regions in Bulgaria, suitable for growing, mainly of red wine varieties.

Adhere to the idea of ​​natural wines with minimal intervention in vinification, by our side, we have extremely limited use of oenological additives. This in turn help us to obtain distinctly natural, pure and unadulterated wines.

The grapes are picked and transported in cassettes from vineyards, which are located entirely in the land of Belitsa – just a few kilometers from our winery in the center of the village. We leave it in a refrigerator for 24 hours at a low temperature so that we can extend the period of cold maceration.

Processing takes place the next day. Crumble is very gentle, largely preserving the integrity of the grape grains, which leads to a fairly long fermentation. The fermentation itself is allowed to start spontaneously, with the wild yeast on the grapes. This spontaneous or “wild” fermentation allows us to emphasize the individual character of each wine we make.

As a continuation of the concept of natural wines, we do not filter or clarify them, and this, after prolonged aging, may lead to the appearance of a noble sediments in the bottles.

Our wines can be divided into two groups:

Wines that we bottle without any contact with oak. In this way we keep more freshness in them and emphasize their more expressive fruity character. You can recognize them by the pear-shaped bottle also known as the “Burgundy bottle”.

Wines that maturated are only in the so-called barriques – oak barrels with a capacity of exactly 225 liters, a standard originating from the French region of Bordeaux, whence their eponymous name. They, in turn, are enclosed in straight bottles also known as “burgundy”.

A part of the barrels in which the wines aged mandatory are always new and unused, while all the others are used only in our winery.

A part of our idea for trough regional wines is the inclusion in our work of barrels made only of Bulgarian oak. Growing in warm and dry regions with little moisture, Bulgarian oak has a very dense and compact structure, which combines very successfully with our warm concentrated wines, emphasizing their southern character.

The wines we make are in small batches from 300, bottles that can be filled with wine from just one barrel (a.k.a single barrel) to our largest batch of  2500 bottles.