The building that houses our winery today was built in 1961 and was owned by the cooperative “Advancement” in the village of Belitsa, which later became a part of PKK ” Constancy” – Lyubimets. Its architecture is sustained in the late Art Deco style – typical of many of the public buildings from this period of socialist regime ин Bulgaria.

The plan of the building included a pub and several shops located on both floors. Over the years, various other additional rooms have been added.

In 2016 we bought the building, most of which was abandoned and crumbling, and then we began its restoration and conversion into a winery and this is in progress at the present time.

Our main production is concentrated in a nearby outbuilding, equipped with steel fermenters for red and white wines, as well as a refrigeration room in which we cool the grapes before vinification. The former pub, today has housed the barrels with the wine aged in them, and in the basement we plan to store the already full bottles.

On the second floor of the building we are planning to prepare a small tasting room in which the guests and visitors of the winery will be able to taste our ready wines.