Via Antica to BIWCF Sofia 2021

Late last night, the 10th anniversary edition of The Balkans International Wine Competition and Festival ended. Everything in this world has an end, unfortunately this one has come too … But we are already looking forward to the dates for 2022!
For us, this three days of the festival were more than great! We saw many friends who like our wines, we poured on many people for the first time. We hope that at least some of them we won theyr hearts … as well as their glasses!
These three days were filled with a lot of positive emotions for us (the two gold medals also contributed to this), we saw happy people everywhere and of course we also tried many good wines!
A three-day wine festival with an awful lot of mood, sun, wind, rain and storms, music and thousands of smiles and ended with a huge number of empty bottles.
We sincerely regret all those who failed to come or swim to the festival town, which at times, really looked like a small wine Venice! Don’t miss it next time – you’ll always find new, unfamiliar and goog wine!
Of course huge thanks to Galina Todorova Niforou the whole team of the festival!!! Everything was perfect!
We failed to take pictures, but we borrowed from Георги Георгиев, Maxim Burmitskiy, Яна Трайкова и Екатерина Александрова Петрова.