Our own vineyards are currently over 60 decares and include the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties. Planted by the former agricultural cooperatives, the average age of these vineyards is about 35 years. Their formation is type “Umbrella” and this is typical for the area and for the period they are planted.

Today we buy from these vineyards and we restore them.

The other varieties for our wines – Syrah, Malbec and Cabernet Franc we buy only from vine growers, whose plants are also located in the land of the village of Belitsa.

The soil types in the land of Belitsa are leached cinnamon forest soils, from medium to heavy sandy-clay and leached chernozem resins, medium to heavy sandy-clay.

The relief is hilly and low mountainous with good weathering helping for good ventilation of the vineyards.

The climate in the region is temperate-continental, with a pronounced Mediterranean character, strongly influenced by the warm Aegean currents penetrating the valley of the Maritsa River.

The spring is one of the warmest in the country with precipitation of about 150-195 mm, the summer is sunny, dry and very hot with a long duration of sunshine – up to 2100 hours per year. The average July temperature is 23-25ºС, but during the great summer heat the daily temperature reaches 38-43ºС. The average annual rainfall is only about 500 mm.

Early warm spring and long warm autumn are a prerequisite for the long vegetation period of the plantations, which lasts between 6 and 7 months.

During the summer season, rainfall rarely exceeds 160 mm, and June and August are characterized by prolonged droughts.

The autumn is warmer than the spring, with average temperatures in October 13-14ºС. Rainfall in this season is very insufficient and in combination with high evaporation there is a constant shortage of moisture.

The winter is mild and relatively warm with precipitation mainly from rain and very rarely snow.

This combination of the soils, microclimate and relief favors the production of dark, deep-colored, highly extractive strong wines, with very intensive and rich taste.